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Hi!  I received my Beatles pictures and the program today.  
They look great--thanks a lot!

~Constance Sullivan :)

Magazines arrived today, great quality, thanks again, keep a eye out for a Beatles charm for me gold or silver.


Hi Nigel-
Thank you for the prompt shipping- I received my items today & they are great! 
Happy holidays!

Eileen Cederberg

Dear Nigel.
Yes, the order came in safely. Very pleased!
Many thanks and I'll be in touch again soon.


Hello Nigel,
Would you believe delivery arrived on Monday the 23rd !!!
Thanks for all you help and a happy new year to you.


Hi Nigel,
Believe it or not I received the McCartney signature today.  It is great.

All The Best,
Mike K.

I received the books earlier today to my complete satisfaction.
Expect some more orders from me in the future !

All the best
Mon (a.k.a. José Ramón)

Hi Nigel!
The Programme arrived. Many thanks and I'll be shopping soon.

Mark Langendorf

Hello, yes, the book arrived safe and sound yesterday.
Thanks very much,


Hi Nigel,
This is just to acknowledge receipt of the book. 
Very fast !!.  Thank you indeed.

Hi Nigel
Package arrived a few minutes ago and all OK

Thanks very much

Hi Nigel
Order unpacked today - absolutely fantastic thanks. 

 All the best
Tony Marchant

Hi Nigel,
Many thank for  the cheque received today for my autograph book.
I really enjoyed doing business with you.


Nigel -

You did the UK proud! I received the Beatles Souvenir song album today. Many thanks for the fast shipment and the quality of the merchandise.My son will be absolutely thrilled! After his birthday he'll probably want to save up his allowance so he can do some of his own shopping at your online store.

Regards, Keith

Hi Nigel,
Received the horseshoe pins Sat morning. I was very pleased with 
them. I will keep in touch with your web site as I am a fan of 60's Beatle memorabilia. 
Once again, thanks a lot, excellent website, excellent service,

All the best,

I received my order all in good condition. 

Thanks Carol


I received it yesterday, and am very happy. Please let me know if there are 
any more of the BBM Christmas issues or other magazines that have pictures of 
them with their instruments. I am doing a research project, and need to find 
little seen pictures of The Beatles with their instruments both live and in 
the studio.

Jim Elyea

It arrived.  Thank you very much.  I've been looking for that poster in good condition for a long time.  Finally found it!  It's at the frameshop as I write.


Dear Nigel, 
Yes, I received the materials. Immaculately packaged,
swiftly shipped.

Happy Customer

Yes.  I received it.  Thank you.
All The Best,
Mike K

Hi Nigel,
I recieved it on Thursday but had not got a chance to let you know until now but thanks for asking. The signature looks great but the paper itself shows no signs of aging whatsoever. I've never seen that before. How would this have been preserved so well?

Thank you for the prompt service and sorry for the paypal fiasco!

Cheers, Nick



Dear Nigel
Item received here this morning, all in one piece.

Best wishes,
Mark Lewisohn

Nigel:  Package just arrived.  Looks great.  

Thanks again, John

Hi Nigel,

I received my package today!  It arrived in perfect condition...I
appreciate your very careful packaging of the great photos.

Thanks again!


Hello Nigel,

The 4 postcards have arrived safely - they are very nice!


Hi Nigel,

Just letting you know that I received my package yesterday.  As usual, a
pleasure doing business with you.

E from CA, USA


Just a note to say it was good doing business with
you and interesting to talk. If I uncover anything else
I will let you know. 

Cheers Keith.

Hello Nigel-  I received my John Lennon signed 'Spaniard in the Works' book today and couldn't be more pleased- it
is in exceptional condition!  Thank you for "hanging in there with me",
I will continue to watch your site.  Best Regards,  Karen

Hello Nigel,

Yes I have received the tickets and I am very pleased with them, if you get any other tickets - UK, EUROPE etc which are in the condition of the ones you send me please do contact me - I am always looking for concert items which are in excellent condition - plus any other Beatles items which are in excellent condition.


Hi Nigel, just to let you know that the magazine and pin have arrived, safe and sound and in good time.  Trust my cheque has got to you too.

Many thanks.

Joanne Hill

I received it yesterday (just in time)!!!  Thanks for following up with me. I assure you, I will need your services again.  My dear friend is a huge Beatle fan and there are always birthdays and Christmases to think about.
Cheery-o, Chap!
(Do y'all really say that or is that just in corny "telly" programs?)

Hi - I got back into town toady & picked it from the post office - It's Perfect!!!!

Thank You, Jesse

I will be looking at you store again, you can count on it!!!

Morning Nigel

It arrived late on Friday.  Thank you so much. I am really pleased

Hi Nigel,

The package arrived on Monday, the 25th...in perfect condition.

Thanks so much again!

Hello Nigel,

Thankyou so much, I am really pleased. I hope business continues to go well.

Thanks again, Adele

Hi Nigel, 
Arrived safely.
Much appreciated. Tom

Hi Nigel,

Package just arrived.  Looks great.  
Thanks again. John

Hi Nigel

Plate arrived safe and sound and as you described is in beautiful condition.  

Cheers Tony

Got my postcard. It was in good shape.
I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future.


Nigel - Items arrived yesterday in fantastic condition despite post office. Extremely pleased with condition of each. 

Thanks greatly. I'll be in touch - Kevin 


Just received. Thank you.

Regards, Tim

Arrived. GREAT!!!!!!!
Thanks again and keep me in mind when something new comes in.

Nigel:  The mail just arrived and your parcel is in it.  The item looks to be in beautiful condition.

Hi Nigel,

Just a note to let you know that the Beatles figures arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your help.

Benny Barnhart MD

Hello Nigel,
Yes, the order arrived on time for Christmas.  Thank you again so much for all of your help.  I am looking forward to ordering some more things from you in the future.  I must admit even though the Beatles was just a little before my time, they have always been my favorite band.  Being from England myself, I think it is also a great sense of pride in loving the Beatles.  I hope you have a safe and happy New Year!
Kind Regards,

You're the best! Thanks so much! I'm glad you still had this one...I nearly kicked myself for passing up that Lennon postcard.
I'll keep checking your website!!!


Hi Nigel,

Many thanks I received my order today 22nd, well protected and all in one piece- we are delighted in both the order and the service you provide. We know where to go the next time.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes
Mike Beattie  


 Parcel arrived this morning (8am), many thanks.

All the best, Nigel.


You are the best to do business with.  I received my package yesterday
(it arrived here really fast, by the way) and I am pleased with  both
items.  Thanks again.


Fantastic. Thanks. Great packing as well.
Always appreciated!

Thanks Tom
Keep me updated on new signatures to come in

Hi Nigel,
I received the order a couple of days ago, well packed and in good health. The
items were just as described. Thanks for a swift service.

Hi Nigel

I have received order and i am pleased with items. Looking forward to future communication and purchases.

item arrived safely and very pleased with it.  will keep checking your site

many thanks



Dear Nigel

Everything arrived in great shape! Received the dolls, magazines, and posters and they are just wonderful! What memories! The dolls look like they are mint. I forgot how cute they were. My daughter loves them ! It was a pleasure buying from you.  Thanks for all your patience in sending the order. Will check your site to see if I can find more goodies I once had. Once again, thank you.

Take care - Colleen H.

Nigel, Item arrived safely and unharned, Love it !

Thanks for all your help !


Hi Nigel,

The package arrived on the 24th, as you described it and in great
condition.  As usual, your service is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Yes I did receive the order.  Everything was beautiful.  The neighbor never
got the package the mailman actually posted to my address.  I guess they pay
attention to the name not just the address.  Thank you for the beautiful
product and for your concern.

Hi Nigel,

The mags arrived yesterday in good condition! Thank you. By now the snow will be a distant memory.

To complete my Beatle monthly collection I require the following: 1, 2, 4, 45, 47, 54, and 58 – 72 inclusive.

I would like to get the best available and all at once to save on freight (no hurry). Once you have the order ready let me know how much I owe you including my arrears,.

Best regards, Mike Pearce

Hello again, Nigel,
Yesterday I E-mailed with concern that I had still not received the Beatles "Nature's Toothbrush" poster.
Well, wouldn't you know that of course it would arrive today! Safe and sound.
And I love it. This is going in a frame for sure.

Here's to our next transaction.
And thanks. Phil

The Flexis and autograph book have both arrived- Stunning! all three! Just as advertised. Isn't it amazing how a kid's autograph book has all his friends and school mates in it with funny saying and just innocent stuff, and then  "Oh wait, who's this?" The most influential musician in Pop music history!! I would love to know the story behind the meeting. 

Thanks again Nigel for everything, I'll let you know when the Newsletters arrive.


Hi Nigel, Many, many thanks for such an efficient, speedy service and turnaround.  The scrapbook arrived in good time for wrapping ready for my husband's birthday!

All the best 

Hey Nigel,

first, here's my feedback that you may want to quote:

"just as ordered"  WONDERFULL, I am so Happy. A Childhood Dream came true. Thank you for the quick and secure delivery. This won't be the last time we did business together, I'm sure! Two thumbs up from Hamburg Germany!

And now some personal words: FedEx is a funny bunch....but after all they DID deliver on time ... but you can imagine ... I was a little worried yesterday, but all went just fine and now the three guys rest secure in a fine frame above the (closed) fireplace amongst the pictures of our children, relatives and loved ones....JUST where they belong...only John is missing...so far!

So, Nigel, please be so kind as to keep me posted whenever you come across a sinle Lennon (or maybe one or even the oher three with him) for a REASONABLE Price though. It might as well be on such a rather "rotten" piece of paper as this one...I DONT CARE...only thing matters are the Autographs (The Beatles could've signed on toiletpaper, as long as it hasn't been used beforehand ;-) With their Names on it, it literally turns to Gold, right?

If I ever get to England (again) in the near future I have to stop by (you do have a regular shop, I assume?)

 Just these Days the DVD "Anthology" Series arrived at my house, and I'm right in the middle of it 8 Hours playing time! To my shame I have to admit, that I missed this wonderfull Documentary so far)
....now I know that I knew NOTHING about them so far....weren't these "four youngsters from Liverpool" not the greatest? God bless them, the Living ones and those who passed away. By the way...I was lucky enough to get to see Paul Live 4 weeks ago here in Hamburg...will you see him in London? A MUST SEE!! It was just Awesome! 75% Beatles...genuine and Handmade...sended shivers down my spine by the minutes!

You British Folks sure can be proud to have had such great Boys amongs your People! I'd rather trade in all the World and European Football Championships we won, and having had four Boys like that! We only have "Tokio Hotel" (what a laugh), or maybe the Scorpions....but no one compares to THE BEATLES!

What better way to end ....

Hoping to hear from you in the near Future, as my reliable source of Beatles Memorabilia from their home Country!

truly yours, Mourad

HI Nigel,

Received Beatles books. Look great. Will get back later this month for more.

Thanks again, Cheers Alastair

HI Nigel,

  Yesterday I received the package. Everything OK, I´m pleased!

  Thanks and regards Danny

The Beatles Fan Club stuff arrived safe and sound and I am made up with all of the items. Could you supply a Paypal invoice for the following if they are still available please? I shall pay staright away as I did before. I have had a go once agin with the ordering on your website but for some reason it just won't let me. I hope you don't mind doing it this way. The items I would like are as follows:-

OSM497 - 1964 POCKET CALENDAR - EX/NM - £35

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot once agian for the first order and fantastic service.
All the very best,

Hi Nigel,

I got the autographs yesterday. They look good. Can I please ask you 
to send also the COA for them? Also, if you have the full story by the 
"Patricia" to whom the autographs were signed, I would be delighted, 
as it's nice to know the story and the detailed "provenience" behind 
the autographs.

Another thing: if you come across with a nice autograph by Brian 
Epstein someday, please let me know.

Best regards,


Just received lunchtime,  Fair deal..

Thankyou bud, I Wish everyone was as good..

until the Next time 

All best wishes Dave.

Hello Nigel,
Good news: The black Beatles cup has arrived safely and I am not only very pleased, but I'm also very relieved.
Thank you!

Till our next transaction,

Phil Biebl
Madison, Wisconsin USA

Hi Nigel

Good news, as soon as i finished work i went straight to the house next door and i met the guy comimg out, and he said yes my wife signed for them on Thursday. The Postman must of come in the 10 mins i was at the top of the garden.  Any way after a night of worry it has all ended happily. The autographs look great and now i can sleep in peace.

Best Wishes Vince

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