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Based in England, our website is available to everyone throughout the world. It is absolutely free with no Membership, Password or User Name required. Whether buying, selling or just browsing for Beatles Memorabilia and Beatles Autographs, all links will safely take you to only Beatles Marketplace pages. We are not connected or affiliated to any other website or business. Uniquely sourcing very rare and not so rare UK Beatles Memorabilia and Autographs, we have been buying and selling On-Line to the World since 2000, when the internet was still in its infancy. 
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B/W Gloss Photograph of the Beatles, measuring 9" x 7". Exceptionally rare image of the Beatles with their heads through a doorway. This image appears on several Beatles programme covers, but the glass paneled door is not shown as it is here.
We are 99% sure that this is the only set of autographs on a photograph with this image.

Paul, John and George have each signed in black ball point pen with Ringo signing in blue ball point pen. Paul had 'ink' issues with the pen and had to write the letter 'P' twice. John actually signed twice, but unfortunately the pen was not working and his signature (to the left of his face) is only inscribed into the photo. Impossible to see in our scan, but is fairly clear when viewed in person. 
An unknown person has written on the top left edge: 'Love to all the girls in The Hush Puppie Department'.
The back has some marks and stains where it might have once been stuck down. There is some mild superficial wear on the photo itself including a few creases and indentations in a few isolated areas, but overall in Excellent Condition.

Comes with a Frank Caiazzo LOA

Note: Comes with a letter from the vendor stating the probability of when, where and how the original owner obtained the autographs




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Large 'Thank You' card (measures 10" x 7" closed, 10" x 14" open) signed to Mary Cockram (aka Anne Collingham) on the inside in black felt pen by John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul (Collingham) McCartney. 

Mary Cockram was joint Beatles National Fan Club secretary with Bettina Rose working at the Fan Club HQ in Monmouth Street, London between 10th June 1963 and 22nd May 1966. She assumed the pseudonym Anne Collingham, a fictitious name invented by the Beatles press agent Tony Barrow.

On leaving on the 22nd May 1966 Tony Barrow got the Beatles to sign this card to Mary for her three years loyal service at the Fan Club. George signed first name only, which is rare and only reserved for people he was close to. Paul McCartney added a bit of humour signing as 'Paul Collingham' in recognition of Mary's assumed name of Anne Collingham!

Some mild yellowing with marks and tape stain at each corner on the back.
Otherwise in EX/NM condition throughout. The autographs are in NM condition.

Note: Comes with a full written and signed Frank Caiazzo LOA

Note: Comes with a signed hand written letter of provenance from Mary Cockram stating how she was given the autographs as a thank you gift from the Beatles for working as the Beatles National Fan Club Secretary for three years.




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All 4 autographs in blue ball point pen on the reverse of a white paper British Railways Transfer Voucher for Acton Station, London.

Signed on Acton Station platform on Monday 2nd March 1964, the day the Beatles commenced filming for 'A Hard Days Night'. They had begun filming at Paddington Station, London but because of the large crowds it was decided to switch to Acton Station for safety reasons. 

The manager at Acton Station, John Higgins, obtained the autograph as he, together with some policemen, escorted the Beatles from the train to a waiting car after returning from the first days filming of 'A Hard Days Night'.  

Measures 6" x 4". Some very mild yellowing and a very mild almost indiscernible surface fold horizontally across the center, otherwise both paper and autographs are in EX/NM condition throughout.

Note: Comes with a signed hand written letter of provenance from the recipients Granddaughter stating how, when and where the autographs were obtained.




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Membership Card for the Plaza Club, Handsworth in Birmingham, signed by John, George and Ringo (not Paul), which the Beatles
appeared at for one performance only on July 5th 1963. No tickets were issued and the gig was only available to Membership Card holders, effectively meaning this membership card was the entrance ticket. Comes with a letter of provenance from the original recipient on the night pinpointing the precise location and date the autographs were obtained. A very rare signed card for the one-off gig of which we have only seen one other. 
The front (when closed) measures approx 2.5" x 3.5". Fully open measures approx 5" x 3.5".
The autographs are very good clear examples signed in blue ballpoint pen. Condition is Excellent throughout.

Note: Comes with a signed detailed letter of provenance of the event from the recipient Granddaughter stating how, when and where the autographs were obtained.




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The following grading system has been used to describe all items:

Mint (M)  As new
Near Mint (NM)  Almost like new with one or two minor flaws
Excellent (EX) Minor wear yet looks attractive and is perfectly useable
Very Good (VG) Some wear and tear but overall useable and presentable
Good (G) Apparent wear and tear but with no obvious deterioration of the condition
Fair (F) Extremely worn

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