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Autograph Authentication Service

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Based in England, our website is available to everyone throughout the world. It is absolutely free with no Membership, Password or User Name required. Whether buying, selling or just browsing for Beatles Memorabilia and Beatles Autographs, all links will safely take you to only Beatles Marketplace pages. We are not connected or affiliated to any other website or business. Uniquely sourcing very rare and not so rare UK Beatles Memorabilia and Autographs, we have been buying and selling On-Line to the World since 2000, when the internet was still in its infancy. 
Since those early days our reputation has grown to be second to none through our 
Integrity, Honesty, Expertise and Knowledge of all things BEATLES

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Our Guarantee
Everything we sell is guaranteed to be original and authentic Beatles Memorabilia & Autographs from the 1960s.
We absolutely DO NOT sell fake, replica or reproduction items which are prevalent throughout 
the internet , particularly on auction websites. Beware of imitations.

We promise that if anything you buy from us is not as described we will, without hesitation, issue a full refund and all postage costs


Autograph Authentication Service
Be certain.........
Apart from being an absolute thrill to own, Beatles autographs are also one of the best investments around. 
Full sets are among the most valuable and highly prized of all autographs.
However, we are well aware of the vast quantity of worthless forgeries on the market, particularly the worrying explosion of fakes that are increasingly appearing on Internet Auction sites. 
For a modest fee you will know for certain whether they are genuine or not.
We can be trusted to give you the truth

..........because this is far too Important

We offer Two Levels of Service 

Level 1- Simple YES/NO

1st) Please e-mail us a good clear scan of your autographs with your name and e-mail address
2nd) We reply requesting payment, usually within 24 hours
3rd) You send us payment
4th) We reply by e-mail with a Simple YES or NO Answer, usually within 24 Hours

We accept payment in the following currencies:
50 (GB Pounds)  -  $65 (US Dollars)  -  $85 (Canadian Dollars)  -  65 (Euros)  -  $85 (Australian Dollars)

U.K. Only: 
PayPal, Cheque, Postal Order, Wire Transfer 
PayPal, International Money Order, Wire Transfer

Please SEND Payment ONLY after we request it 

Level 2 - Full Written COA (Certificate of Authentication)

1st) Contact us by e-mail to request this service
We reply, usually within 24 hours
3rd) You send us the Autographs (actual autographs - not copies) by Registered and Fully Insured Post
4th) On receiving the Autographs we request payment
5th) On receiving cleared payment we will return your Autographs, usually within 48 hours, together with either a Beatles Marketplace COA or a letter of regret stating they are not authentic

We accept payment in the following currencies:
125 (GB Pounds)  -  $160 (US Dollars)  -  $200 (Canadian Dollars)  -  145 (Euros)  -  $200 (Australian Dollars)
U.K. Only:  PayPal, Cheque, Postal Order, Wire Transfer 
PayPal, International Money Order, Wire Transfer

Please SEND Payment ONLY after we request it 

- There will be an additional charge to cover return postage. Autographs will ALWAYS be returned by Registered and Fully Insured Post.

- To avoid unnecessary cost and disappointment please consider our YES/NO Service first. If you request a full COA at a later date the previously paid YES/NO fee will be deducted from the cost of the full COA.

- In case of Loss or Damage please send ONLY by Registered and Fully Insured Post (Special Delivery within the UK). Your autographs will be Fully Insured while with us.

Price applies to each set of autographs or autograph submitted, whether group or solo as follows:
1) All four together.   2) Part sets of  two or three together.   3) One, two, three or four (in any format) autographs brought together to form a set.   4) Solo.
- The prices apply regardless of the value of the autographs, and whether they are genuine or not
- Please do not refer us to another website to authenticate autographs thereon
- We will not comment or make judgment on another website, company or person



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