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Product Code OSM468

1963 UK Newspaper Display Poster (or Billboard) for the Donald Zec newspaper interview with the Beatles for the UK national daily newspaper 'Daily Mirror'. Published over two days on the 8th & 9th September 1963. 
Headline entitled:
'The Big Beat Craze'. 
Ink on thin paper measuring approx  29½" x 19½".
Has three horizontal and one vertical fold line. There is one small hole where the folds meet in the center of the poster. There are a couple of short tears (approx ½" long) along the folds at the extreme edges. Each corner has tape stain residue and the top left has a small triangular piece torn away. There is some mild general overall marking and yellowing.
The B/W picture and the red & black text are still vivid and bold against the white background.
VG+ Condition

NOTE: These posters were designed to be displayed for one day or evening only. They were then discarded, and usually destroyed, in readiness for the next days news.




Product Code OSM478

Circa 1964 UK Newspaper Display Poster (or Billboard) for the London Evening News. Headline entitled: 'The Beatles Special Signed Drawing in Todays'. 
Ink on thin paper measuring approx 29½" x 19½".
Has three horizontal and three vertical fold lines. 
There is some yellowing in a few isolated areas and a short tear on the right edge. 
The red & black text are still vivid and bold against the white background.
VG/EX Condition

NOTE: These posters were designed to be displayed for one day or evening only. They were then discarded, and usually destroyed, in readiness for the next days news.




Product Code OSM479

Circa 1964 UK Newspaper Display Poster (or Billboard) for the London News and Star (to later change to the London Evening Standard and later still amalgamate with the London Evening News). 
Headline entitled: 'Get With The Beatles'. 
Ink on thin paper measuring approx 27½" x 19½".
Has three horizontal and three vertical fold lines. 
There is some yellowing. There is a tear (approx 2" long) down from the top edge, and one very short tear at right edge near the top. 
The red & black text are still vivid and bold against the white background.
VG/EX Condition

NOTE: These posters were designed to be displayed for one day or evening only. They were then discarded, and usually destroyed, in readiness for the next days news.




Product Code OSM960

Circa 1965 Shop Display Poster for the UK magazine, Showtime. In full colour, blank on the back. The front has a light sheen finish, the back is matt. It is advertising that week (or months) publication which includes a souvenir picture edition of the Beatles film 'Help'. Measures 30" x 20". It has been folded once vertically and three times horizontally, there are no splits to the fold lines. There is some mild surface crumpling, some mild wear to the edges and mild yellowing and foxing in a few isolated areas. 
Overall in VG/EX Condition.

NOTE: These posters were designed to be displayed for one day or evening only. Few have survived as they were discarded and usually destroyed in readiness for the next edition.




Product Code OSM728



Subbuteo six sided (folded to form three pages) price list leaflet for products issued October 1964. Includes a full page for the Beatles Subbuteo figures. Each page measures approx 8½" x 5½". Fully open measures approx 16½" x 8½".
In EX+ Condition with some mild creasing along the top edges. No splitting to the folds or spines.




Product Code OSM787

UK Poster dating from circa 1965 for a Beatles 'Help' competition in an edition of 'Woman' a UK weekly Magazine for women.
Measures approx just under 20" x just under 30" (504mm x 757mm).
Condition is VG+. There is some very minor wear to the edges and a few mild small spots of foxing in a few isolated places. At the top right corner there is a short crease and some staining. It also has 5 horizontal factory produced fold lines.
A very rare original UK item advertising a Beatles competition for and from the time they made 'Help', their second film.




Product Code OSM954






Original hand drawn artwork by Rolf Harris (presenter for the shows) which were submitted for approval to Peter Yolland (producer of the shows) for Beatles 1963 Christmas Shows at the Astoria Theatre, Finsbury Park. On plain clear tracing type paper with three drawings showing kangaroos and maps of Australia with three accompanying Rolf Harris signatures (measures approx 13" x 8") in black ink. VG condition with staining and some creasing and nibbling to the edges.

Note: Come from the Estate of the late Peter Yolland (Producer of both Beatles Christmas Shows 1963/64 & 1964/65) and includes a copy of a letter of provenance from Peter Yolland's niece who was a beneficiary of his will




Product Code OSM840


Beatles Sterling Silver Medal, issued in 1966 by Modern Metals Ltd, London and an Order Form for the Medal (the only way it could be purchased).
Also included is a Beatles Monthly No.32 into which the Order Forms were inserted.

The Medal and Order Form are both in Unused MINT Condition.

The Monthly is in VG Condition.

Medal measures approx 40mm (1.5") diameter.






Product Code OSM859

An original and extremely rare complete typed screenplay script which was used on set in the Beatles first film 'A Hard Days Night'.

It contains all original 108 (none missing) typed plain white pages bound in a blue outer paper folder and fixed with steel pins. A lot of the pages have alterations and annotations etc in black ink.
On the front cover Tommy has written his name at the top left corner and someone has written in blue ink all the Beatles first names. On the inside front cover it reads:
"The Beatles Screenplay by Alun Owen". At the bottom right corner is the film company name, address and phone number: 'Proscenium Films Ltd; Suite 9, 9 Hertford Street, LONDON WI.
HYDe Park 1816/7.
Someone has added in ink pen "A Hard Days Night" 1964 and the Beatles first names.
 On the inside back cover it has the name, address and phone number of the printer: 
Scripts Limited, 187a Wardour Street, LONDON W1. GERrard 2087/8. 

Apart from some mild wear around the edges of the first couple of pages and covers it is in Excellent and complete condition.

Note: This is an original 1964 typed screenplay script (not a copy or reproduction) as used on the film set of 'A Hard Day's Night' and as such is an important document and an extremely rare survivor. We do not know how many were originally typed or how many have survived but we have never seen another.

Enquiries and Offers Welcome


Product Code OSM774



Rare unofficial poster circa sold outside Beatles concerts circa 1963/64 by Joe Smith (JKS on the poster). 
It has a B/W image of each Beatle, taken on 4th October in the dressing room of Ready Steady Go by David Redfern, with first name printed in black beneath each. 
THE BEATLES is printed in blue across the top, and the Poster is bordered with a thick blue line.
Produced to last on very good quality heavy duty paper/thin card with a high gloss surface (similar to the gloss finish on a photograph) on the front. Matt white on the back. 
Measures approx 22" x 17¼" (56cm x 43.5cm). 
Printed along the bottom edge is: ©JKS (Joe Smith) and TWP London SW6 (printers).
It is rolled with no folds or creases. There is the very faintest evidence of tape residue (very small) at each extreme corner, but no other sign of displaying such as pinholes. There are a few very minor surface crumple lines (due to the nature of the thick glossy paper) in a few isolated areas, but no creases, tears or marks.
EX+ Condition




Product Code



Flyer issued by the UK Fan Club for the July 1st 1969 issue ( No.72) of the Beatles Monthly Book. It advertises the Beatles new LP to be released in August. There is no year of issue on the flyer and the album title is not given. But it is for what would be called 'Let It Be', which was untitled at the time. However the article by Mal Evans in Beatles Monthly No.72 names the new album as 'Get Back', which of course it was not to be, and the release date was put back until 1970, after 'Abbey Road' was released in 1969, but recorded after 'Let It Be'. Very interesting part of the Beatles story at the end of their time together.
Printed one side only on thin green paper.

EX/NM with a tiny area of very mild creasing along the extreme bottom right edge (approx 40mm long x 5mm high) and the minutest of tears (approx 3mm long) on the extreme edge within the crease. No other marks or yellowing/foxing. Measures approx 9" x 6".




Product Code OSM979


Unique (there is not another) original top copy of Paul McCartney's Royalty payments statement published by Northern Songs for the period July to December 1970 for the Lennon/McCartney Sgt Pepper album song 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. This is for the royalties due to Paul McCartney. John Lennon would have received a separate statement as co-writer. The sheet is full with 21 entries listing every payment and sales received and each individual payee, hand written in ink! (ah, the good old days).

Single sheet of paper measuring approx 11¼" x 7½". Blank on the reverse. This was intended for the bin, never to see the light of day again, but fortunately was rescued almost 50 years ago from its fate by some alert individual(s). 

It had been torn into quarters intended for disposal and has been put together with tape on the reverse. Apart from the repair it is in EX+ Condition with no other tears, creases or marks.

Note: Comes with a Perry Cox letter of authenticity






Product Code OSM1013


Very rare Shop Display Poster in full colour with a scene of Piccadilly Circus, London in 1964 which includes at its center the London Pavillion Theatre which at the time the photo was taken was showing the Premier of the Beatles first film 'A Hard Days Night'. This would probably have been displayed in a French travel agents window to entice people to visit London in the swinging '60s. This is a very rare photograph and possibly unique image of the London Pavillion with the Beatles in A Hard days Night writ large to the front of the building.

Along the bottom edge printed  in the center: 
10 - Picadilly (sic), to the left SIPAP Poitiers and to the right Poitiers BIG BEN Publications.

Printed on stiff card with a white border it has a gloss finish on the front and matt on the back. The back is plain white.
Measures approx 15"x 11¼"(38cm x 28.5cm).
Condition is EX+ with some mild surface creasing which does not adversely affect the picture and a very small almost insignificant pin hole to each corner where the photo meets the border. 







Product Code OSM1016


Extremely rare UK promo poster circa 1964. It is not known who had these printed and where they they were produced, distributed and displayed, but were not given away by the Fan Club. 
It has a B/W image of each Beatle with full name printed in black beneath each. 
WANTED THE BEATLES 1964 is printed in red across the top, and has a thick red line set in from the edge, bordering the photos.
Printed on good quality white paper with a light sheen to both sides. 
Measures approx 23" x 18" (58.5cm x 46cm). 
Printed along the bottom edge are the the letters and numbers: AC 26. 2M. BATT.
Folded once horizontally and vertically through the center with overall surface creasing and edge wear and some foxing on the reverse. Part of the red border (approx 1") is missing to the right side.
Overall in VG Condition







Product Code OSM1018


Entitled 'Infringements' dating from circa April/May 1964, this is a very rare unique authentic and original comprehensive eight page typed list of Beatles Worldwide Merchandising Licenses granted by M. A. Jacobs and Sons on behalf of Brian Epstein's company NEMS Enterprises. 
In other words for products we now collect and refer to as Beatles Memorabilia.
This was the only typed copy ever produced so is now the only one in existence and unique.

In total 37 companies were granted licenses and this document lists the Address, Date/Duration and Product for each. 

These come under 5 Category Headings as follows:

JEWELLERY - 16 Licenses. 

MATERIAL ARTICLES (handbags, cushions, pennants etc) - 5 Licenses.

COSMETICS - 2 Licenses.



An incredibly rare document of Beatles Memorabilia stating who was issued with a license and who made what and where in the world they were permitted to sell and for what duration. Includes brand names now famously recognisable as producers of Beatles Memorabilia including: Fleetway Publications, Invicta Plastics, Exquisite Jewellery, Smiths Watches, Unitrend, Ramat, Olive Adair, Twig, Louis Dow, Seagull and Subbuteo. 

Eight Pages stapled together at the top right corner measuring approx 10" x 8" each. Although yellowed throughout with foxing condition is otherwise VG/EX with no tears and only a few surface creases in a few isolated areas. 

Note: Comes with a signed letter of provenance from Neil Rock who (originally owned and had this definitive document typed up by the company secretary in 1964) worked for London Company Stramsact Ltd who were granted with a license to operate in negotiations as sole agents for the Beatles Merchandising Rights during circa 1963/64 onwards. The document is entitled 'Infringements' because the exclusive licensing rights for these 37 products were challenged in court by Stramsact after later being also issued to the Beatles North American Merchandising company 'Seltaeb' by NEMS. This is all clearly and succinctly explained in Neil Rock's letter of provenance dated 23rd October 2016.




Product Code OSM1030

Circa 1964 two sided Flyer issued by the Daily Express (UK Newspaper) promoting an exclusive serialisation of the Beatls first film 'A Hard Days Night' plus a competition to win the new LP. Measures 11" x 6". It has been folded once vertically and three times horizontally, with a small split at the center where the folds meet. There is some mild wear to the edges and mild yellowing in a few isolated areas. 
Overall in VG/EX Condition.

NOTE: Very rare with only a handful surviving as most would have been discarded and destroyed.




Product Code OSM1031



Original Daily Express Cardboard Tube from 1967 that once contained the Richard Avedon Beatles UK edition Posters. Tube only. Measures approx 22½" long  x 3" diameter (570mm x 75mm).
Very slightly compressed at one end but overall in VG Condition.




Product Code OSM1032


Original and authentic 1968 UK Shop Display 'White Album' Poster. This omits the panel with the wording on the right side which is the usual format, and is sold as such.
A hugely important and rare poster.

Measures approx 31½" long x 21½" wide (797mm x 543mm). Condition is VG+/EX with some minor edge wear and creasing in a few isolated areas on the front and several small areas of foxing on the reverse. It has never been folded and comes rolled. 







Product Code OSM1034


Black and White Banner Poster photographed by Richard Avedon and distributed in the UK by the Daily Express national newspaper (still in business today) in 1967. This Poster that came free if you purchased the full set of all four individual full colour Beatles posters. Measures approx 40"long x 14½" wide (1.015mm x 370mm). Having never being displayed it has no pinhole or tape damage to the corners. 
Condition is VG/EX with some minor edge and corner wear. It has never been folded and comes rolled. 







Product Code OSM1035


Possibly a sole survivor, this is probably the rarest ticket for the Beatles second film, Help. A single piece of paper invitation to the 'Special Pre-Premiere screening of Help', for NEMS personnel only. A formal ticket was not issued, this invitation was the only notice. Shown only once on Monday 26th July which pre-dates the World Premiere at the London Pavilion on the 29th July. It was shown at the ground floor cinema in Bowater House, Knightsbridge, London, SW1.

In Fair/Good condition with two horizontal and one vertical fold line, some edge wear and a short tear at the extreme edge of both horizontal fold lines. 

Measures approx 10½" x 8½". Blank on the reverse.






Product Code OSM1036


Hand typed onto a pre-printed form, a two sided Call Sheet for the Beatles third film, 'Magical Mystery Tour'. Dated 23rd September 1967 for scenes shot on the 24th. This was for four scenes, all shot on the same day, with all the Beatles:
1). 'Ballroom' in Hangar No.2
2). 'Ivors Number' at West Malling Airfield
3). 'Coach (Pickups)' and 'Mandys Announcment'
4). 'Laboratory (Pickups)'  

In Fair/Good condition with three horizontal and one vertical fold line and some wear to the edges. 

Measures approx 13" x 8".






Product Code OSM1037


Programme for the school Speech Day at Liverpool Institute High School dated Tuesday December 15th 1959. This 4 page (8 side including the covers) programme is significant because Paul McCartney features on inside Page.3 under the heading 'Special Prizes' for which he was awarded a prize, not for music, but for Art!

In Excellent complete condition with one vertical fold line. Staples are slightly rusted but are firmly attached to the covers and all pages.

Measures approx 10" x 8".





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