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Based in England, our website is available to everyone throughout the world. It is absolutely free with no Membership, Password or User Name required. Whether buying, selling or just browsing for Beatles Memorabilia and Beatles Autographs, all links will safely take you to only Beatles Marketplace pages. We are not connected or affiliated to any other website or business. Uniquely sourcing very rare and not so rare UK Beatles Memorabilia and Autographs, we have been buying and selling On-Line to the World since 2000, when the internet was still in its infancy. 
Since those early days our reputation has grown to be second to none through our 
Integrity, Honesty, Expertise and Knowledge of all things BEATLES

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Everything we sell is guaranteed to be original and authentic Beatles Memorabilia & Autographs from the 1960s.
We absolutely DO NOT sell fake, replica or reproduction items which are prevalent throughout 
the internet , particularly on auction websites. Beware of imitations.

We promise that if anything you buy from us is not as described or authentic we will, without hesitation, issue a full refund and all postage costs


Beatles Fan Club - It's Story Time

Did you ever meet Joint UK National Fan Club Secretary Anne Collingham in the 1960s?
Did you ever visit the National Fan Club Office in Monmouth Street, London?
Did you ever help out at the Fan Club Office, or just get in the way?
Do you have a story to tell - or any photographs - good or, even better, bad?
If you DID and DO - What are you waiting for! We would love to hear from you!


In collaboration with Beatles Marketplace, Anne Collingham is writing a new book about her experiences as Joint National Secretary of the Beatles Fan Club in the 1960s. She can recall a lot, but the passage of time is not always your best friend. So she needs your help connecting some of the dots. Please help her. If your story is included in the book you will have your name in print. Ahhh fame at last!!!

You can contact us at:  want@beatlesmarketplace.com


The Beatles are without question; The Biggest Selling, Most Loved, Best Known and Greatest group of musicians the world has ever seen and heard.
What they achieved (over 1.2 Billion records sold worldwide, not including downloads) in, remarkably, just over seven years of recording puts everyone else firmly in the shade, and will never be equaled. Although synonymous with the 1960s, the Beatles are as famous now as they have ever been.
They are, quite simply, Peerless. The BEATLES are THE Benchmark!

Apart from selling unequaled quantities of records, the Beatles brand name also became very big in the world of business and merchandising (official and unofficial) which spawned many and varied, weird and wonderful products worldwide. Today (together with concert items, autographs, documents, fan clubs, vinyl, personal items etc etc) this commodity is now referred to as memorabilia, which as the years go by becomes more and more valuable as it becomes increasingly rare.

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